Stephen Center Dinners

Our Lady of Lourdes-St. Adalbert’s has had a ministry to the Stephen Center, a shelter for the homeless and those in need, for many years. We provide gifts at Christmas, have a Walk for the Homeless along with other fundraisers, help fill their pantry and prepare and serve a monthly meal - always the first Saturday of the month.

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This ministry was begun in Oct 1986. There have been so many wonderful volunteers and we are so grateful for each and everyone who has ever helped. Currently, the same people have been baking chicken for years. Two of our “regulars” are nearing 90 years of age!

This invitation is to ask you to consider being a part of the meal ministry! Let me briefly explain how this happens.

1. A sign up sheet is put up at the back of OLL’s main door one week before the meal. Online sign up is always available HERE. This lists the jobs that need to be done for each month.

2. You will get a call Wed or Thurs to confirm your participation. If you need to get a hold of Irene, her number is 402-637-5055.

3. Everything except the chicken can be dropped off at the church office any time during the week before the meal.

4. On the first Saturday of the month, you can deliver the food yourself to the center OR it can be picked up by a delivery driver. The food needs to be ready by 3-3:30 pm. Other times can be arranged.


We always prepare and serve barbecue chicken pieces. This is done in your home. How much to make is up to you, the Holy Spirit and your budget. We serve approximately 170. A portion is 2 pieces (ie leg and thigh) or 1 breast. Buy the chicken, season it and bake it as you would for your family, put some BBQ sauce on it! If you need pans, these can be provided.

Fresh Fruit

Purchase fresh fruit, any kind is fine. If you can chop it up (ie, melons) that’s great but if you can’t, that’s ok too, as we have others who can. At meal time, fruit is served in individual portions or as a whole fruit, such as an orange, apple or banana.


Any kind of greens is welcomed for salad along with any other salad veggies. We also need salad dressing. Ranch is the favorite along with Italian and French.

Baked Potatoes

A total of 60 lb is needed. Any amount is welcomed. The potatoes need to be washed, wrapped in foil and baked. We also like to serve sour cream with these. If you only want to donate potatoes and/or sour cream, that’s fine too just let me know before Thurs of the week we are cooking.


No more than 5 or 6 are needed. We never mean to turn away volunteers, but beyond this number makes for crowded conditions and there aren’t enough tasks. Teens are welcomed as well as pre-teens but they are not allowed to handle the hot stuff.

Delivery Driver

Will pick up food and deliver it to the Center. Usually this takes about 30-60 minutes and needs to be to the Center by 4 pm in case it needs to be warmed.


Miscellaneous Notes

The goal is to recruit more individuals in order to give the current team time off. It is not the expectation that you sign up for the whole year. Maybe you can only bake chicken twice a year. Maybe you can purchase chicken but can’t bake it or maybe you could bake chicken but can’t buy it. We are flexible. This is God’s meal and He makes it happen! 

Sign Up Instructions

Please review the available slots for any of the upcoming dates.  Select the box next to 'Sign Up' for as many slots as you desire.  After finalizing your selections, click on 'Submit and Sign Up' at the bottom of the screen.  You will then be asked to enter your contact information and any comments regarding your donation. Please make sure your contact information is correct.  Finally, click on 'Sign Up Now' to complete your entry.  You will receive a confirmation email.

If you sign up for a slot that you are no longer able to fill, please either DELETE your entry or notify us so we can remove you. This will allow others to take the slot.

Contact person: Irene Urzendowski 402-637-5055 or call the parish office and leave a message.

Questions about the sign up? Please call Alicia Battershell at 402-968-6624 or email

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