Our Parish

Our Lady of Lourdes Church was founded in 1918 with the establishment of the first classroom in 1924. For almost 100 years, Our Lady of Lourdes and Her School has been an anchor in the community. Over the span of those years, more than 3,000 individuals have been educated in the foundations of our Catholic faith. Spreading across the entire United States and in many countries around the world, those people have greatly contributed to the betterment of our neighborhood and society.

Mission Statement

We are a faith filled community that shares in the Mission of Jesus through our baptism and through our commitment to His Gospel values by:

Witnessing our faith.

Worshiping and giving thanks together in the Catholic tradition.

Providing Christ-centered educational opportunities through our School and other Pastoral Services.

Our Story

It was a bright, sunny day on Saturday, November 9, 1918, 48 degrees high, 37 low, above average for that time of year. This was the day Archbishop Jeremiah J. Harty announced the formation of a new parish in the Hanscom Park area. The Archbishop had been informed by a delegation of future parishioners that this section of the city was growing rapidly and that it was inconvenient for people in the area to walk or ride a streetcar to attend services at St. Peter's Church which was, and still is located at Leavenworth and 27th Streets [...]

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Our Lady of Lourdes Trustees

Mike Battershell

Parish Staff

Head Pastor 
Rev. John L. Pietramale

Associate Pastor
Rev. Pat McCaslin

In Residence at St. Adalberts
Rev. Mike Eckley & Rev. Paul Sae-Wan Oh

Deacon Frank Hilt & Deacon Ken Kalkowski

Parish Secretary 
Marcy A. Thompson

Parish Finance Office 
Elaine T. Heaston

Parish Communications 
Christine M. Dougherty
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